Job: Family Medicine Locum

Site Information

Facility Admin: Sandy Singleton

Practice Name: Dr. Sheldon Permack Medical Corporation

Region: Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Practice Setting: 

Address: 270 Lilac Street [map]
Winnipeg, MB R3M 2T4

Work Phone: 204-477-4862


Basic Information

Status: Active

Job Title: Family Medicine Locum

Locum Type: Urban

Job Description: 
Holiday coverage required for busy family practice. Physician assistant on site to assist.

Job Requirements

Start Date: Jun 10, 2024

End Date: Jun 21, 2024

Medical Specialization: Family Medicine

Schedule Type: Full Time

Normal Work Hours: 

Schedule Description: 
Monday to Thursday 830-1630 hours Fridays 830-1200 hours

Work Environment

Daily Average Patient Volume: 40

Number of Physicians in the practice group: 1

Number of Physicians in local practice available
to provide service during the locum period:

Number of Physicians sharing the call roster: 1

Total number of Physicians in the Clinic: 1

Languages used in practice: English

Will the physician be required to ER: N

Additional Certification Required: N/A

Type of EMR System: Acurro

Dedicated Computer for Physician Use: Y

High Speed Internet: Y

Physician Parking Available: 

Local ambulance service: Y

Access to Referral Centre by: Road

Referral Centre: WRHA Hopsitals

Work Environment Details: 

Travel Accommodation

Access to facility by: Road

Travel Details: N/A

Accommodation Type: N/A

Accommodation Details: N/A

Local recreation facilities: N/A


Billing Schedule: Fee for Service

Billing Type: Solo

Billing Procedure: Electronic Billing

Other Remuneration Terms: 

Font Size:


call: 1-431-345-0608