New Medical Graduate Program

Manitoba Locum Tenens Program (MLTP) encourages recent University of Manitoba Family Medicine grads to explore different practice sites and potentially receive credit towards their Return of Service commitment.

What communities are available?

A wide variety of attractive practice opportunities, work environments and geographical settings throughout rural and northern Manitoba are possible. Generally sites are limited to those of 4 physicians or fewer but exceptions will be made for sites in high need.

How much time do I have to commit?

The MLTP New Medical Graduate program (MLTP-NMG) requires a minimum of a three (3) month commitment to provide service in up to three (3) different sites.

What income and benefits can I expect?

Locums are paid a guaranteed daily rate to provide services 8 hours a day Monday to Friday in a clinic setting based on qualifications (typically at a Class 3 Step 1 Independent Contractor level under the Master Agreement). Locums are also eligible for mileage reimbursement to and from the site and a travel time honorarium. Any on-call (evenings and/or weekends) is remunerated in addition to the daily rate. Accommodations at the site are provided at no cost to the locum.

How do I get credit towards my Return of Service commitment?

All participants in MLTP-NMG Program will receive credit towards their return of service commitment equal to the length of their locum contract (minimum 3 months). Any participate who locates to a full or part-time permanent practice site in rural/northern Manitoba within six (6) months of participating in this program will receive credit of 1.5 times their locum service towards their Return of Service commitment.

What about overhead expenses?

All overhead expenses are covered by the host site.

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