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Thank you for applying to the Manitoba Locum Tenens Program. The first step in the process is to completing the application below. Please allow up to 10 days for your registration to be completed. Once submitted your credentials will be verified and you will be notified of acceptance into the Manitoba Locum Tenens Program Pool of Physicians.

The following documentation will be required prior to acceptance.

  • Certification that Locum Physician is fully licensed and registered to practice medicine in the province of Manitoba
  • Proof of membership in good standing with the Canadian Medical Protective Association
  • Certified copy of Medical Degree
  • Certified copy of LMCC
  • Certified Copy of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
  • Each Locum Physician will be required to sign an Independent Contractor Medical Service Agreement with the Manitoba Locum Tenens Program outlining the Program and Physician responsibilities.

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Physician Questions
When you are not working for the MLTP will you maintain a practice elsewhere?
How did you initially find out about the MLTP?   Word of Mouth
  Regional Recruiter
  Social Media website
What factors influenced your decision to work within Manitoba?   Family
  Location Environment
  Change and Variety
  Financial reward
  Learning opportunities
What motivated you to register with the MLTP?   Location
  Break routine
  Gain new perspective
  Expand my horizons
  Expand CV
Are you doing locums as a means to explore full-time practice opportunities?
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